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Cambodia is referred to as an emerging market, and among the developing countries of the world, it boasts relative dominance over others in terms of economic growth and rate of industrialization. Rapid acceleration of the economic growth, which led to a steep rise in the national income and the consequent increase in purchasing power, paired with the Cambodia government’s active efforts to attract foreign investments, gives it immeasurable growth potential.

From the first stages of industry, based on agriculture and textiles, Cambodia has moved on to the second stage, dealing with development of oil fields and real estate, and is finally moving on to the third stage, which is composed of the tourism, banking, and securities industries. Growth potential for all three stages coexists in the Cambodia market, which is why foreign investors are showing their utmost interests.

CAMLAW is multi-service law firm duly registered with the bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia. We provide legal service to both national and foreign client.

CAMLAW is always with clients, with the mission of providing to quality legal service.